Daily Chinese Food

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When I came back from London, my Chinese friends always asked me, “What do the British eat everyday?” When I came back from America, I faced the same question. My mom asked me if Americans drink cold water and cold milk everyday because that was what she always saw through the mass media. I said “yes,” and I could see in her facial expression that she had a hard time imagining it. As a matter of fact, when I stayed with Rachel’s family, my husband and I tried very hard to adapt to their eating habits. At first, we did need to use the microwave to heat water and milk.

During my trip to America, one of the topics we discussed often was food: whether the American Chinese food is authentic Chinese food and whether the fortune cookies are originally from China. My friendship with Rachel often revolves around food. I learned baking pastry from her. She tried Chinese hotpot with me. We tried Mexican, Italian, French, Indian and British cuisine in London.

I noticed that a lot of our experience about foreign cultures is related to food. That’s why I want to use this opportunity to show my everyday eating life in China. I want to give people from different cultures an understanding of what Chinese people eat everyday and how we can learn about different cultures by examining what we eat.

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