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My husband looks at his fortune in the fortune cookie, and it is the first time in his life to see fortune cookies

Fortune cookie was a hot topic when Rachel and I had conversations in London. When she first mentioned the name and gave a description to me, she assumed that, as a Chinese, I must be very familiar with it. However, the fact is I have never heard of fortune cookies before and Rachel, the American girl, is the first one who introduced the name to me.

Rachel was totally shocked to learn that fortune cookies are not familiar to the Chinese people like me because people in the States have been giving the credit to Chinese people and therefore, she considered them of a Chinese origin. We discussed it a lot, and Rachel asked some of her Chinese roommates in London and got the same answers as mine. However, one day, at a party, we raised the topic again and one of our friends from Hong Kong, said that she had seen fortune cookies in Hong Kong, which made all of us even more confused.

After doing a little bit of research, we now have the answer. The saying that fortune cookies were invented in China is seen as a myth.  According to a source, fortune cookies were “introduced by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese, but ultimately … consumed by Americans.” (Lee, Jennifer, “Solving a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside a Cookie”, January 16, 2008)

In 1989, fortune cookies were reportedly imported into Hong Kong and sold as “genuine American fortune cookies.”  That’s why a friend of our coming from Hong Kong said at the party that she had seen them in Hong Kong. But as a Chinese who grew up in the mainland China, I have never seen fortune cookies in any of the restaurant in mainland China.

When I was in America, I had the opportunity to try a fortune cookie for the first time.  The taste was definitely not Chinese, but very interesting.  It is a treat that I was not overly crazy about.


Rachel’s paper in the fortune cookie. It is so appropriate for her because that’s what she always smiles at me.

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It’s because Chinese restaurants are one of the few restaurants that are opened on Christmas day.  Almost every place in America is normally shut down on Christmas day.  So, Jews and also Chinese and other ethnic groups who do not celebrate Christmas are left with nothing to do but stay at home or go out to Chinese restaurants and perhaps see a movie as movie theaters are also normally open too.    I am not going to deny that my family has been part of this tradition for years!  This year, we didn’t do it as we flew to Florida on Christmas day.  Airports are also usually always open on Christmas day.

If you watch American television such as Glee’s season 2 Christmas episode, you will often hear sayings, “Oh, so you’re Jewish and you’ll go out for Chinese on Christmas day?”  Also, today, on my Facebook, I see a ton of statuses from my Jewish friends saying along the lines, “Out to Chinese restaurant for dinner!”

I also read an interesting article about why Jews love eating Chinese food.

It’s interesting that the article notes that Jews feel so comfortable about going to Chinese restaurants because there is no remembrance of hatred toward the Jews by Christians unlike Italian restaurants where crucifixes, Virgin Mary, and other Christian symbols are sometimes placed on walls.  Plus, when Jews go to Chinese restaurants, they feel like they’re going to a museum and broadening their horizons as they see exotic decorations and a whole different type of cuisine.  The best part of the article is that it says that Jews can eat pork with little issues at Chinese restaurants because pork is hidden inside the food such as egg rolls.  Are you aware of “kosher?”

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Really? I have never heard about that before. Why?

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Hey Sophia!  Did you know that it is a tradition for Jews to go out for dinner at Chinese restaurants on Christmas day?

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…Not much different from London, is it?

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Thank you so much for trying to help me with the computers. I think the cost to transport the computer for America to China is very high, so my husband and I will save money to buy a new one.

My parents will stay here with me since I am the only child in my family. It is very common for Chinese parents to live with their parents. But since sometimes two generations are so different from each other that it is difficult for them to live together in one house, so some families will buy two houses which are very close to each other to give each other more personal space but still have very intimate ties.

I will be happy to share my experiences about teaching English to the 9-year old.  As I said we don’t have a bed for the 9 year old boy, I do hope I can have a nice house in Shanghai one day, so I can accomodate my guests, bake and cook for them and chat with them. It is fun to do this. But I think that will be a long time before I can get one since the house in Shanghai is sooooo expensive.

I am so looking forward to seeing Switch at the Birth!!!!!!!!

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Organizing the Chinese New Year Party?!  WAY TO GO girl! I want to hear all the details!

If I had an extra computer here, I’d send it to you to China in a heartbeat so you’re not left without one.  :( I’ll look in my storage and see if we have any sitting around that I can give you.  My family often have old computers laying around to donate to anyone who wants it.

So, are your parents living with you for a while or just for a few days or weeks?

The 9 year old child will be so lucky to be with you and have you teach him English.

By the way, Switched at Birth will be back on in 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My husband is on a business trip again and he will come back on Sunday. He took my computer which means I have not been able to use my computer at home. I have been very busy with my work these days since we need to prepare for the Chinese New Year Party for the company, and I am the chairman of the preparation committe. So I am having a hard time finding time to post.

My parents are living with me now.

One of my husband’s hometown friend wants to send his child who is 9 years old to my place from this Friday until Sunday because he wants me to help the child to improve his English. The biggest problem is that we do not have an extra bed for this child since my place contains only one bedroom and one living room. My parents are living in the living room and my husband and I are living in the bedroom. The other problem is that I want to use the weekend to catch up our posts. Weekend is the only time I have to deal with my personal issues. My husband promised them, and I have to accept this request.

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Look what I got from my parents for Hanukkah!  Stay tuned for explanation on what is exactly Hanukkah!