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When I came back from London, my Chinese friends always asked me, “What do the British eat everyday?” When I came back from America, I faced the same question. My mom asked me if Americans drink cold water and cold milk everyday because that was what she always saw through the mass media. I said […]

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I had five ripped bananas sitting on my kitchen counter for days, and they really needed to be eaten or they would have been tossed in the garbage.  I was too bored to eat the bananas themselves.  I was sick of making banana bread as I make it at least once every other month.  I […]

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The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. ~Henry Boye Once upon a time there was a woman from the US, the most powerful country today, and a woman from China, a country that is going to be powerful in this century.  The woman from China, Sophia, began her journey […]