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When I came back from London, my Chinese friends always asked me, “What do the British eat everyday?” When I came back from America, I faced the same question. My mom asked me if Americans drink cold water and cold milk everyday because that was what she always saw through the mass media. I said […]

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I work for an American company, which provides daily program for both international and Chinese kids with special needs in Shanghai. My job is to help the company understand the needs of Chinese parents with special needs children and cater its service to the Chinese market. After communicating with a lot of Chinese parents, I […]

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When I read your previous post about the teacher in the pre-sessional English course falsely stating that Chinese do not drink milk, it reminded me of our conversation in China.  Remember when I asked you if Chinese people drink milk and you said, “Of course!  They do!”?  I asked this question because you mentioned that […]

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Rachel, I have read the article of BBC news about the Polio in China’s western Xinjiang province in September. Actually, the Chinese media has reported the news and I have watched it before I read this article. My feedback on this article is that it is the same from what I have heard from the Chinese […]

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China, as many other emerging and developed nations,  is catching up in higher education especially in the number of adults gaining college degrees. However, that does not mean the United States is losing its advantage in higher education. As a matter of fact, the majority of Chinese people, including me, still believe that America as well […]