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Because Thanksgiving and Hanukkah collided tonight, my family and friends lighted the candles on a very special menorah known as “Menurkey.”  The word “Menurkey” came from “menorah” and “turkey.”  Because turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving and the main dish we eat at the feast, people created menorahs in a shape of a turkey to […]

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What is happening today in America is a prime example of how different cultures can indeed be meshed together.  Today it is not only Thanksgiving but also the first day of Hanukkah.  It is known as Thanksgivukkah.  This is a once in a lifetime celebration because the last time the first day of Hanukkah occurred […]

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I work for an American company, which provides daily program for both international and Chinese kids with special needs in Shanghai. My job is to help the company understand the needs of Chinese parents with special needs children and cater its service to the Chinese market. After communicating with a lot of Chinese parents, I […]

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…Not much different from London, is it?

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Look what I got from my parents for Hanukkah!  Stay tuned for explanation on what is exactly Hanukkah!